No. 4, Biskra Street, Ibrahim Abacha Estate, Zone 4,
Wuse, FCT - Abuja, Nigeria
Mon - Sat 8.00 - 18.00


Vital Contracts & Consultants Limited was incorporated on September, 2019 with its major objective of becoming a major player in Engineering Industry, with special focus on Civil / General Constructions, Oil & Gas, Information Technology and Agro-Allied Services as well as consultancy services.

It is a wholly Nigerian owned company. The company started operations in its core areas of competence immediately after incorporation with four fully staffed operational departments comprising; administration, finance & audit and human resource. These departments are being managed by seasoned administrators and managers with dynamic skills and expertise. The company also engages contract staffing in some field works / projects. These contract workers are supervised by our professionals.

Vital Contracts & Consultants Limited is fast becoming a multinational firm with high repute within and outside Nigeria with a team of professional managers and administrators who has made marks in their respective disciplines.

Our success story and rapid growth is attributable to the caliber of professionals in our work force and their dedication to work.

Vital Contracts & Consultants Limited handles Major construction projects in Engineering, consultancy and Oil & Gas works within and outside Nigeria and subsaharan Africa.

As with other consultancy companies, we run a policy for both quality and standard checks on our projects, ensuring quality projects with passion for human and community development.


  • Our goal is to be a leading brand in the provision of professional service in Engineering in Nigeria and beyond. We look forward to being recognized by the quality of our services and durability of our jobs and services. To do this, we target to achieve customer satisfaction on every of our projects by meeting the specific needs of our clients as enshrined in our mission statement.
  • Our target is to take Engineering in Nigeria to a new competitive era where customer satisfaction and best practices will be hallmark of operations. Our vision is to deliver material value to shareholders and clients through oil exploration, appraisal and developmental activities. Our objective is consistent, high quality specialized service delivery in oil and gas sector. As our social responsibility policy, we pursue the attainment of educational awareness and former education for every child in the remote communities of Nigeria and Africa at large.


  • Vital Contracts & Consultants Limited is poised to take the lead in the provision of oil and gas, building and other construction works, project management and consultancy within Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. We strive to create a competitive atmosphere amongst operators in the industry where quality and prompt service delivery shall be the adjudicative yardstick for ranking product


  • Vital Contracts & Consultants Limited is committed to meeting and exceeding client’s needs for high quality projects and services through training of personnel to acquire knowledge and skills needed to function effectively and optimally. We are also committed to coordinate your entire project from start to finish.


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